On Thursday, December 29 2016, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) backed down from its proposed “emergency” regulations on large-capacity magazines. Thousands of individuals weighed on this shady tactic by the DOJ including Sheriff Tom Bosenko of Shasta County. California Rifle & Pistol Association and NRA also submitted a letter to the DOJ and Office of Administrative Law (OAL) opposing the proposed “emergency regulations” on large-capacity magazines that can be read here. A full analysis of the proposed “emergency” regulations on large-capacity magazines created by CRPA can be read here. While DOJ withdrawing the regulations is good news, this fight is not over. Stay vigilant and sign up for CRPA alerts here so that you can keep up with the most up to date news on the regulation process. Thank you for standing with California Rifle & Pistol Association against unnecessary restrictions on your right to self-protection. To read more about what California Rifle & Pistol Association is doing to preserve the Second Amendment in California, please visit CRPA.org. About: The California Rifle and Pistol Association “CRPA,” founded in 1875, is dedicated to defending the rights of law-abiding citizens to responsibly use firearms for self-defense and the defense of their loved ones, for sport, and for all other legal activities. CRPA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association. A California non-profit association, CRPA is independently directed by its own Board of Directors. CRPA’s members include law enforcement officers, prosecutors, professionals, firearm experts, the general public, and loving parents. CRPA has always worked to reduce the criminal misuse of firearms and firearms accidents, while actively promoting and organizing the competitive shooting sports and Olympic training programs in California. We are proud to say that many CRPA competitors are among the best in the world. Visit: www.crpa.org